2019 Sales Workshop

  • Who really are your ideal customers and what should you be saying to them?
  • How to structure your sales team for the next level of growth – and achieve your 3 -Year Picture?
  • Do you need more Hunters or Farmers? What should they be accountable for?
  • Use a Scorecard to create a Culture of Accountability. Is everyone doing what they say?
  • Weekly Sales Meetings to keep everyone on track
  • Document your Sales Processes and get them Followed by All
  • BONUS Sales Skills Training – Understand how and why people buy, and a build a roadmap to achieve trusted relationship with your customer.

When: Thursday, January 24, 2019 9:30am – 4:00pm

Cost: $495
Where: Hyatt Rosemont
Who: Marketing & Sales Leaders, Integrator, Visionary,

Questions? Email Jessica@tractionprocess.com

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Meet Our Speakers:

Clark will be joined by his two good friends and sales experts; Craig Lowder and Bob Lambert.  Together they have decades of proven sales results and experience building winning sales teams. They will help you make 2019 your strongest year ever!