Ditch the Drama – with Mary Pat Knight ~ at Traction Process Associates

Beth Fahey Ditch the Drama

Excerpts from our webinar ~

Too much drama at work?
Learn how to navigate yourself and your teams OUT of the drama triangle.
Ditch the Drama Workshop – Transforming Team Health
• Understand the framework of the Drama Triangle of villain, victim, and hero
• Diagnose the impact it is having on team health
• Learn the transforming framework that moves your team from drama to leadership
• Gain high-level leadership perspective and skills to support your team’s transformation.

Mary Pat Knight is the CEO of Leaders Inspired and the author of the Humanized Leader. She is devoted to creating emotionally intelligent leaders who generate healthy teams and generous business results. Leaders Inspired believes that inspired leaders inspire lives.
Mary Pat Knight – mpknight@leadersinspired.com | 847-571-1160 | www.leadersinspired.com