How Strong is your Organization?

Clark Neuhoff Strategy

Spoiler Alert – 2019 is just around the corner!

And that means we are in the middle of Annual Planning season with our clients.  One of the high points of the EOS Process is a 2-day planning retreat ideally off site, where the leadership team takes a break to really think deeply about their business; where they’ve been this year, where they want to go and what are the things that are holding them back.

The EOS Journey that our clients take to get what they want from their business is simply to become strong in just Six Key Components® of their business; Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process and of course TRACTION.  If you’re like most small business owners and normal, there is a lot going on simultaneously in your business, sometimes a bit overwhelming.  But by focusing on just these six things and strengthening them, the rest of it falls into place.

One of the discovery exercises at these Annual Planning Sessions is to assess our clients’ progress and make sure they are firing on all cylinders.  One of the tools we use is the Organizational Check Up™. Twenty straight forward questions rating on a scale of 1 – 5, for clients to self-assess how strong each component is.  Areas that are not, are identified and actions are built into next year’s plan to strengthen and move it forward.

Like all the EOS Tools the Organizational Check Up is free on-line to anyone who wants to take it.  We’re excited to announce two upgrades; Results are now displayed graphically to pin-point areas of strength and weakness, and next steps are recommended.  We also offer the option to compile results by team or company.

Here is a link to take our FREE Organizational Check Up and get started on your journey to get what you want from your business.