Leadership and Management

Rene' Boer Process

Last time we discussed the 4 Truths that you must embrace to Be a Great Boss. Today’s focus is defining Leadership and Management, what makes them different but also, equally important.  Simply put …

Leadership is defined as:

  • Working “On” the business
  • Providing Clear Direction
  • Creating an Opening
  • Thinking

Management is defined as:

  • Working “In” the business
  • Keeping Expectations Clear
  • Communicating Well
  • Doing

Being a great leader doesn’t make you a great manager. And, the opposite is also true. Here’s another way to describe the difference: Leadership is about creating a Vision for your organization and Management is about making that Vision a Reality.  To paraphrase Thomas Edison, “a vision without traction is hallucination.” In fact, this is one of the issues that frustrate so many bosses. Look at it this way:

  1. No Vision or Traction = Nightmare
  2. Traction without a Vision = Rudderless Ship
  3. Vision without Traction = Hallucination
  4. Vision with Traction = Growth

That is why providing both Leadership and Management is so important. To be a Great Boss, to create that environment of accountability, you must be a Great Leader and a Great Manager. Think of it as a very simple formula … L + M = A.

Next time, we’ll begin a deep dive into The Five Leadership Practices. Until then, I’d like you to think about the people that report directly to you. It might be 1, 2, 3 or more. Write down each person’s name and the role they fill on your team.

I’ll be asking you to do a self-assessment on how well you are doing the first of The Five Leadership Practices.