Letting Go of the Vine, Part 2

Rene' Boer People

We often complain that we don’t have enough TIME to get everything done. The fact is we all have the same amount of time. What’s different is how we choose to use our time. Applying the Delegate and Elevate tool will help you make more effective use of your time but, the people who report to you must be doing their jobs well. If not, you’ll be doing their work instead of doing your own.

You must assess whether each of your direct reports Gets It, Wants It and has the Capacity to Do It – GWC, for short. Let’s review each one:

  • Get it: they have a thorough understanding of the ins and out of the job;
  • Want it: they have a genuine desire to do the job, they’re not being coerced, cajoled, threatened or given extra compensation to want the job;
  • Capacity to do it; there are 4 types of capacity:
    • Emotional – the “heart” to feel what others are feeling, empathy
    • Intellectual – the “brains” for critical thinking and problem-solving
    • Physical – the “stamina” and tenacity to finish what you start
    • Time – the “self-discipline” to organize and use their time well

When applying GWC to your direct reports, can you emphatically answer “YES” that each of them Gets it, Wants it and has the Capacity to do it? If not, you’ll never be able to let go the vine – to do what you truly love and are great at doing.


Applying both Delegate and Elevate and GWC helps you Let Go of the Vine. These tools will also help you identify opportunities to develop your people.  Recognize them for doing things well, coach them to improve, and let them make some mistakes. Give them responsibility and ask them to accept the accountability that goes with it.  We’ll cover how to best do this when we review the Five Management Practices.


In the meantime, hold yourself accountable to do the things you love to do and are truly great at doing. You’ll be happier, you’ll start growing and so will your people.