Letting Go of the Vine

Rene' Boer How to Be a Great Boss, Insights, People, Traction

Letting go of the Vine involves using 2 tools. I’ll explain the 1st Tool today. It’s called Delegate and Elevate. Using this tool effectively involves 5 steps. This will be a life-changing exercise that will help you improve your time capacity, discover where you should spend your time and help you to determine if being a boss is the best role for you. So, I encourage you to take your time and not rush it. Here goes:

Step 1: Log all your business-related activities. You should have a long list;
Step 2: Move the activities related to people to a separate column;
Step 3: Place the activities into one of 4 quadrants;

• Love to Do and Great at Doing
• Like to Do and Good at Doing
• Don’t Like to Do but Good at Doing
• Don’t Like to Do and Not Good at Doing

Step 4: Reflect. Which quadrant contained the most activities? If you’re normal, most activities are below the line, probably in Quadrant 3. Where did you place the people-related business activities? Most should be above the line. If not, you may not be cut out to be a boss. It’s okay, just get out of the way and do something that energizes you and gives you joy and fulfillment. Not everyone is cut out to be a Great Boss.
Step 5: Develop a plan to delegate tasks that are below the line. Remember, as a boss, you cannot delegate the people-related activities. To let go the vine you have to overcome a little “head trash”. You may be thinking:

• No one can do it as well as me;
• It’s faster for me to do it myself;
• It takes too long to train someone;
• I wouldn’t ask anyone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself.

By letting go, you’re creating an opening for others to take the ball and run with it. Your people will thank you. They’ll develop and grow. Now, you may question whether your people can do the tasks that you find yourself doing. That’s a fair question. And, it’s the next tool that we’ll cover. In the meantime, complete your list and formulate your plan.