Why Millennials Will Love EOS® – Part 2

Clark Neuhoff Vision

Last time we said that millennials raised in a different time than us Boomers and Gen-Xers, think differently and have very specific expectations for information and their work environments.  The V/TO and the Accountability Chart provide the vision, big picture and culture that Millennials need to understand and to be engaged.  This time I want to share specific EOS Tools that will help you lead, manage and hold Millennials, as well as the rest of your team accountable.

Quarterly Rocks – Millennials also need to see progress, completion and that they are building new skills.  Setting priorities for the few most important things that must get done this quarter at the company level, by department and for individuals creates clear alignment that we are all rowing in the same direction.  This quarterly rhythm shows completion of tasks more often, develops job skills and can provide variety of work.  It also provides opportunity to demonstrate their ability to lead without changing positions. 

Weekly Level 10 Meetings – For digitally native Millennials it is critical to maintain human connectivity.  This weekly pulse of reporting, holding each other accountable and problem solving is frankly the life-blood of any healthy team regardless of their ages.  For Millennials, this weekly problem-solving session using the IDS, Issues Solving Track gives the team opportunity to be creative, share and be exposed to new ideas

Scorecards – A powerful currency for Millennials is flexibility; when, where and how to get the work done… as long as it gets done.  Working remotely and flex-time don’t work for everything but can work for certain roles.  The key is how to hold people accountable.  A weekly scorecard of activity-based metrics that track specific job responsibilities will provide the tool for many to self-manage their results and keep their boss, and team-mates plugged in.

Process – Documenting your handful of Core Processes brings consistency and scalability to how the work gets done.  When followed by everyone on the team a consistent process also gives additional autonomy.


In addition to these tools, there are five behaviors of Being a Great Manager that speak directly to the kind of feedback and direction Millennials need to get.  They are; 1) Keeping expectations clear – yours and theirs; 2) Communicate well – more listening that talking; 3) Have the right meeting pulse; Quarterly Conversations – intentional 1 on 1 meetings to discuss what’s working and what’s not; 5) Rewarding and Recognizing – within 24 hours, open and honest, be their boss no their buddy.

This is all detailed in the latest in the series of EOS books, How to Be a Great Boss co-authored by Gino Wickman and Rene’ Boer.

Again, for more information on the EOS process you can go to our website, or with specific questions feel free to email me directly.

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