Real World Results – How EOS Changed Their Business

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The Power of Process

A month ago I was pleasantly surprised and flattered to hear one of my client’s recent podcasts talking about how the Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS® has changed his business.  I didn’t ask them to do this nor did they invite me to participate, this was all on their own. 

Jason Zengers, a client of mine, and Jim Carr also a good friend are both business owners and have a deep passion for manufacturing in America.  Several years ago they created their own podcast to help the “Metalworking Nation” as they call it, think differently about their industry and their businesses.

If you are business owner, heard about EOS and wondered if it’s for real, don’t take my word for it – listen to what other business owners have to say: Making Chips – The Entrepreneurial Operating System. If you’re in manufacturing you should definitely subscribe.