Solving Tough Problems and Getting New Ideas

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Solving tough problems and getting new ideas

Saturday I had the privilege of leading a workshop for 30 business owners here in Lake County IL.  The event was sponsored by the Lake County Business Ministry team and hosted at the Tranel Financial Group.

Our topic was showing how powerful it is to connect with like-minded business leaders for help in solving tough issues and having a process to do it.  Solutions are closer than we think, often right here in the room with us.  We began the session by identifying a list of key concerns that these business owners are facing right now:

  1. How do I find enough time for the important things in my business – like getting new business
  2. How do I balance my need for short term actions with long term planning
  3. How can I get the full value when I transition out of my business
  4. What are some marketing ideas that really work
  5. How much time should I spend on social media
  6. How do I maximize productivity with my employees (this is a business) while still providing some level of balance for them
  7. How can I use my business to also help my employees and customers have better more significant lives – it’s not all just about the money

Once again I was reminded that business owners deal with a wide range of issues from day-to-day operations to the complex, often all at the same time.  Taking time to tackle these issues on a regular basis is the first step – do not let them linger!  Working with like-minded peers as well as your internal teams are both great resources.  But either way it helps to have a process to make sure it’s not just a whine-session but you actually solve the issues.  We’ve all been in meetings where we sure discussed that one to death but never really identified the core issue, nor came up with a workable solution.

A simple tool we teach to all of our clients is called IDS® which stands for Identify, Discuss and Solve.  We start be identifying the real issue, not just the symptoms. This often takes us several layers down.  Once clear on what the real issues is, then each one has the opportunity to share suggestions, ideally from experience rather than opinion.  We are looking for things that work.  Then with a clear vision for where you are going and great people along side, the solution is usually right there in front of you.  Now it’s time to EXECUTE and make that issue go away for ever!

Stay Focused!

Clark Neuhoff