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Surviving and Thriving through Adversity

Rene' Boer People

As clients are navigating all the issues during the current Covid-19 pandemic, I asked some of them what they learned about themselves, how EOS helped them, what specific EOS tool was most helpful and their advice for other business owners. Here is a summary:

What they learned about themselves:

  • “It’s okay to slow down and think about what’s most important NOW.”
  • “I learned to trust my Leadership Team – that they were making the right decisions based on our Core Values.”
  • “The importance of showing genuine care and concern for people.”
  • “I don’t have to be in the middle of everything – It’s about “letting go” and trusting my team.”
  • “I tend to get lost in my own activities but, I learned to be more intentional about spending time focused on people and process.”
  • “Staying focused on our 10-Year Target while keeping the crisis in perspective.”
  • “Our business is not our building; our business is building relationships with employees and customers.”

How EOS helped them:

  • Having the right Meeting Pulse with clear objectives and agenda
  • Quarterly Conversations with employees, overcommunicating
  • Level-10 Meeting and increasing its frequency from weekly to daily to deal with uncertainty
  • Maintaining our Quarterly EOS Meeting Pulse – focus on both short and long-term issues
  • Setting and completing Rocks

What EOS Tool was most valuable

  • IDS – Identifying, Discussing and Solving Issues
  • Scorecard – adjusting key metrics to keep us on track
  • People Analyzer – affirmation that Right People in the Right Seats can handle any crisis
  • V/TO – Core Values guiding business decisions and the 10-Year Target as a mindset
  • Accountability Chart – having RPRS and an effective Meeting Pulse to guide the 90% of our workforce that was working remotely

Leadership Wisdom and Advice

  • All great teams need a great leader
  • Maintain a positive attitude, model the behavior – together, we can get through this
  • Trust your gut, do the right thing
  • Look for and acknowledge the heroes in your organization. Be a hero for those you serve
  • Communicate, communicate and overcommunicate
  • Cash is King – keep a reserve to help you weather any storm
  • Start EOS NOW to help you prepare for the future

I hope this reaffirms what you already know or that it helps you think of issues as opportunities to learn and grow. One thing is certain – change is happening all the time. What is important is our attitude toward change. Do we see it as an obstacle or as an opportunity?