Getting Issues Solved with EOS

Beth Fahey Issues/Problem Solving

News Flash! You are not alone. EVERYBODY has issues in their business. Nearly 100% of the time, you can tie your issues back to weakness in one of the six key components of the EOS Model. Dominic Sergi, of Clear Height Properties is a friend, EOS client, and fellow #Vistage member. In this brief and lively video, Dominic and I …

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Surviving and Thriving through Adversity

Rene' Boer People

As clients are navigating all the issues during the current Covid-19 pandemic, I asked some of them what they learned about themselves, how EOS helped them, what specific EOS tool was most helpful and their advice for other business owners. Here is a summary: What they learned about themselves: “It’s okay to slow down and think about what’s most important …

Traction Process Associates Welcomes Beth Fahey!!

Clark Neuhoff Traction

Rene’ Boer and Clark Neuhoff are excited to welcome Beth Fahey to Traction Process Associates.  Beth joined the EOS community in 2018 after utilizing the EOS tools and processes in her own business with the help of Clark as her EOS Implementer.  Beth quickly became a professional EOS Implementer and is using her first-hand experience with EOS and the tools …