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Surviving and Thriving through Adversity

Rene' Boer People

As clients are navigating all the issues during the current Covid-19 pandemic, I asked some of them what they learned about themselves, how EOS helped them, what specific EOS tool was most helpful and their advice for other business owners. Here is a summary: What they learned about themselves: “It’s okay to slow down and think about what’s most important …

Why Millennials Will Love EOS® – Part 2

Clark Neuhoff Vision

Last time we said that millennials raised in a different time than us Boomers and Gen-Xers, think differently and have very specific expectations for information and their work environments.  The V/TO and the Accountability Chart provide the vision, big picture and culture that Millennials need to understand and to be engaged.  This time I want to share specific EOS Tools that …