Client Stories

"As a member of Vistage International, the world’s leading executive organization, she facilitated our group’s core values process using EOS and inspiring half her group of CEO’s to implement the whole process into their own companies. She is a catalyst for change."

Mikki Williams
Vistage International

"EOS has helped me tremendously, opened my eyes to the process and helped with personal growth. Communication is cleaner, goals are understood, and we are still growing as a team and recognize we need to strengthen our team more than ever."

Alan Klingler

"There is a significant difference in how I view the company now compared to pre EOS, from the financials to our vision and how we articulate that to our customers, employees, vendors and prospective new hires. Our philosophy moving forward is rooted in our core values and our alignment as leadership continues to improve."

Eric Holmes
Chief Technical Officer, R+D Custom Automation

"Three R Plastics went from a frazzled, unfocused, in-spite-of-itself-successful plastic molding and mold making company to one that functions more like a clock with purpose. Now all employees know what the big picture is, have a sense of purpose and unity toward the success of the company. The EOS system simplifies what we need to do as a company. It helps keep management focused and on target by creating a framework to allow everyone in the company, even the janitor, to be an important part of the company through knowledge and empowerment. While I am not fond of words like 'empowerment,' it needs to be used here because it accurately describes how people can become important in what many consider insignificant roles within a company. While I cannot claim it will restore one’s lost hair, it certainly has slowed mine down."

Michael Gore
President, Three R Plastics

"Clark helps to give us a vision for the future and to facilitate better communication within the team leaders."

Hilary Wallace
ATF, Inc.

"EOS has been transformational for us! We were growing and things were getting very lose with no signs of getting better. Since we started this journey we have gained control of our business and continue to improve and grow. Our leadership team has never been stronger, our employees embraced it with an open mind and to watch this has been awesome!"

Loren Esch
President, R+D Custom Automation

"The EOS Process has been very important to us over the past year as we have taken a hard look at how to move our company forward – we are gaining 'traction!' Many companies have fairly clear vision statements and values, but the real benefit of EOS to me is that it provides a system to translate values and accountability throughout the organization – we are creating an 'H-O-H way' with the help of EOS and Clark. Clark has been particularly helpful in getting and keeping us focused – we appreciate his help."

Tom Hutchinson
Chief Executive Office, H-O-H Water Technology, Inc.

"For the past six months I have been fortunate enough to have retained the services of a diligent, results-oriented professional, Rene’ Boer, who has done an outstanding job for both my company, CD One Price Cleaners, and my staff. Rene’ has proved invaluable in helping us set and attain strategic goals by implementing a systematic, ongoing plan. The EOS system has brought discipline in executing our plan. The tenets of the EOS system could be applicable to almost any small- to medium-sized business, and it’s simple to utilize. My only regret is that I didn’t know him five years ago."

Rafiq Karimi
CD One Price Cleaners

"Overall EOS has been a huge learning experience, but Beth has been there every step of the way. As we face challenges, we have been able to talk about them with Beth and gain different perspectives. She has remained patient and neutral and acted as a guide to get us through."

Cate Kennedy
Wright’s Dairy Farm and Bakery

"I am constantly telling people about what EOS, and Rene, have done for our business! Cannot imagine going back to the fire-fighting-chaos, that was life before. Finally free to work on long-term strategy, and able to take worry-free vacations. I know this sounds like I’m blowing sunshine…but it’s 100% true!"

James Schraut
President, Sequoia Automatic

"I was first introduced to EOS while working for another company. The tools were simple, easy to use and helped us become more disciplined and accountable to each other. When I cofounded Hireology, I decided to use EOS from day one. As a result, we’re all speaking the same language, using the same tools, and getting results quicker. EOS has helped us prioritize what to do, and most importantly it’s given us a system for how to do it."

Adam Robinson
CEO, Hireology, Inc

"A company needs a road map to move forward and maintain a vision of where it wants to be in the next 3 to 5 years. This plan helps us stay on track but allows flexibility for change to adjust to the economic times or growth opportunities. It also made me realize how much I need to get other people to take responsibility for carrying out the strategies in the plan so that I can do other projects to strengthen the company."

Tom Schweihs
President, Jay-Tee Screw Machine

"The moment I finished reading Traction, I knew that EOS would work for our team. We considered implementing on our own, but invited Rene in for a 90-minute meeting over 3 years ago and haven’t looked back for a moment. Building the Accountability Chart during Focus Day was a defining moment in moving our organization forward and it would have been impossible to get there on our own. Rene continues to hold our team accountable, helps break the complex issues into manageable issues to solve and we have gotten really good at solving them."

Jill Dinsmore
President, JAFrate

"I wanted to thank you again for the great EOS meeting! I walked away with much more clarity than I have ever before in a quarterly meeting. At the last place I was, our quarterly’s lasted 4 full days each quarter. I can confidently say, we accomplished more clarity and confidence in our plan in one day than we did in all 4 quarterly’s combined in a year there! Time is invaluable, so I am very excited to roll this out across SLM!"

Brigette Turay
Director, Human Resources, Second Life Mac

"She has the ability to see through the daily challenges all businesses face and to keep all those around her focused on the ultimate goal."

Paul Sapienza
Retail Bakers of America

"Clark and the EOS® program have completely changed our company culture, our focus and have given us new energy around business change. The whole company has become part of the new evolution and it’s no longer a top-down endeavor. We have no idea how far it will take us, but we fully expect it will be a dramatic journey. Thank you, Clark."

Eric Masi
President, Torque Launch

"Implementing EOS has given us focus and the tools to achieve our growth objectives as well as the structure to become a world-class company."

Mark Miller
CEO, Prince Industries

"Clark is unmatched in how he facilitates leadership teams on how to achieve goals. Thank you, Clark for your guidance."

Paula Bentlage-Currie
Vice President Procurement, Second Life Mac

"Yes, you have been a consistent, calm source of good common sense. You have helped keep our family “ownership” team on track to find additional good management and business practices."

Charles Klingler

"As a business owner completing our second year with EOS, the system and tools have made us more effective in dealing with issues. We had always ignored our issues and now I feel our team has greater clarity and focus and we are better prepared to rebuild our customer base. The Meeting Pulse has generated the most benefit to our organization."

Jerry Thiel
JW Thiel, Inc.

"Clark adds value by offering a fresh perspective and does well at teasing out questions or concerns that someone in the group may have. I find that getting together with Clark helps clarify why we are doing what we are doing - and I do not get that clarity at work too often."

Robert Giammanco
President, 2XL Corporation

"Clark is great to work with! The EOS tools that he taught us provided a simple and common sense framework that helped us to improve the way we manage our business, structure our leadership team and manage our company “rocks”. Clark understands the everyday issues that most businesses encounter. His insight has been valuable in helping us solve problems."

George Gatto, Jr.
Gatto Industrial Platers, Inc.

"Over the past two years, the Covenant team has worked hard to instill the EOS Process™ into our culture. It truly is benefiting the firm, our teams and the individuals involved in the process. The EOS Process has primarily provided a way for us to stay focused on where we are headed and how we are going to get there. Rene has been a great facilitator and challenger to our Leadership Team as we meet on a quarterly and annual basis. While we are far from mastering all six components of the EOS Model™, we continue to get better at all of them. The joy is in the journey anyway, so that keeps us excited about learning what is next in making Covenant a great firm."

John D. Eadie
Founder & Managing Director, Covenant Multifamily Offices LLC

"We made a go at implementing EOS on our own with less than satisfactory results. Since working with Clark we have been posting record results and our team has gelled as never before and morale is sky high! My wife can’t believe that I’m working shorter days yet accomplishing much more than I did pre-EOS. Working with Clark has proven to be a great move."

Jason Surber
President, ATF

"The EOS Process has allowed our management team to grow more trusting of each other, be more efficient and navigate through tough issues quickly. It has been less than a year since we have rolled it out to all of our team members. They are enthusiastic about the changes that have been brought forth. I have entrusted this journey to the point that I am taking a two-month sabbatical. Without the growth over the last 18 months of the organization, I know this decision would never have been made possible!"

Sean Ross
PackSmart, Inc.

"Clark has consistently proven his capabilities and character. He delivers the goods and we’ve used him for the past two years with our strategic planning. He is one of our most trusted advisors and has demonstrated his willingness to go beyond expectation to deliver great results. If you want to take your business to the next level and are willing to listen to his wise counsel, you will reap benefits beyond your expectations."

Bob Lambert
Partner, Samurai Business Group

"Clark works hard to understand the individual needs of our business. He gets to the point and his suggestions are practical – no fluff. We found this process to be manageable and understandable for our employees, and created a positive atmosphere for everyone to generate ideas and focus on common goals. Clark plays a key role in keeping both me as owner/CEO and my team accountable and on track to achieve our goals. We are solving real problems and seeing definite improvements to the business."

Janet Kaiser
CEO, Century Metal Spinning

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