“How to Be a Great Boss” Online Workshops


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As a boss would you like less stress at work while getting more accomplished? Would you like to get more from your people without having to micromanage them?

If you’re like most bosses, you were promoted based on your technical skills, not on your ability to lead and manage people. As a result, you may be feeling frustrated, over-worked, and underappreciated.

We get it. We’ve learned through real-life experiences that being a great boss is really quite simple but there’s nothing easy about the role. We’ve helped hundreds of bosses like you make the leap from being frustrated to being effective.

In our workshop, we’ll teach you 5 Leadership and 5 Management Practices that will help you be a Great Boss. We’ll teach you a process and some simple tools that will improve your communication skills, create clear expectations and, deal with common “people issues”.

Want to see if you’re already a great boss? Download the Boss Self-Assessment here.

This workshop is limited to 50 participants who truly desire to be a great boss.

Participants will learn to strengthen relationships with their direct reports, improve their coaching skills, and create an environment of accountability.

All materials, including a copy of the book “How to Be a Great Boss”, will be mailed in advance of the workshop.

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