Getting Issues Solved with EOS

Beth Fahey Issues/Problem Solving

News Flash! You are not alone. EVERYBODY has issues in their business. Nearly 100% of the time, you can tie your issues back to weakness in one of the six key components of the EOS Model. Dominic Sergi, of Clear Height Properties is a friend, EOS client, and fellow #Vistage member. In this brief and lively video, Dominic and I …

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Surviving and Thriving through Adversity

Rene' Boer People

As clients are navigating all the issues during the current Covid-19 pandemic, I asked some of them what they learned about themselves, how EOS helped them, what specific EOS tool was most helpful and their advice for other business owners. Here is a summary: What they learned about themselves: “It’s okay to slow down and think about what’s most important …